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Paper should be prepared with in10 pages .Pls follow our printing guide line in  notice board of the web site

2. Your paper should be recommended by an eminent scholar (Professor/Associate Professor/PhD Guide) of concern field. Send the pdf and soft copy of your paper with   recommendation of the scholar to vyasasri12@gmail. Send a message to the contact no.7044016153 that you have sent the paper.

3. Your paper will be send to our export committee for approval.

4. A short list will be prepared by the editorial board for coming publication. Final list for June issue is prepared before four month ( February last week) and  For December issue the time is August Last Week.

5. The author of the paper may ask to know the position of his publication after 4 months. Index will be shown in notice board of web page/WhatsApp.

6. The prime member and Life member are given priority for publication.

7. No publication charge for publication. You can see and use it from our website www.vyasasri.com. If any person desires to take hard copy of the volme he has to pay the single copy registration fees 2200/-. Postal address with Pin code is mandatory. Copy will be sent by post after payment.

How to Collect the Hard Copy of the Journal

The life member  ,Prime member, Single member and Library holders may collect the journal by post. SUBSCRIPTION

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  3. Single copy member -2200/- ( Two thousand Two hundred)
  4. Library Copy for one year- 2200/-( Two thousand Two hundred)


The life members will advise the board for qualitative publication. They may publish their paper in any issue . They will be invited for different research activities of MVNRI and seminars . They may collect every issue of the journal free of cost. Only postal charges may be collected. The Life member certificate will be issued to them.

The prime members are eligible for publish 3 research papers in coming issues and collect the concern copies free of cost. Invitation will be sent to them to participate in MVNRI academic works.

Single copy members will get their hard copy by post free of cost.

The journal copies of the concern year  will be sent by post to the library  subscriber only.

The Registration form with online payment procedure is given our

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Guide line for the preparation of an article for VYASASHREE, ISSN 2320-2025



Length- 17cm

Wide-10.5 cm

Letter size- 13 for Hindi/Devanagari (Unicode font)

11 English (Arial Normal)


1. Title of the Paper (all capital).Font size-16

2 .Authors' name-Font size 13

3. Abstract- Font Size 12

4. Key words (italic).Font size 12

5. Introduction. Font size 12 

6. Main Topic. Font size 12

7. Conclusion. Font size 12

8. Foot Note. Font size 09

9 .List of Reference Book s.(Author, Name of the Publisher, Publication year) Font size 09

10. Page limit. 6 to 10

All interested scholars are requested to prepare their research paper as per guide line to avoid the printing hazard.

 The paper not followed the above guide line may be rejected at final stage.

N. B. The submitted papers are reviewed by the Board of Referees and Editorial Board . Only the selected papers are published in the journal. So it takes three to six months to publish a paper.

Dr. Buddheswar Sarangi

Chief Editor,Vyasashree